For many of us, there’s often a disconnect between our ideas and doodles and seeing a project through to its completion. While generating wish list items that exist only in our wildest dreams is a satisfying exercise on its own, a handful of artists and designers were lucky enough to bridge that gap and have outside craftsmen bring their concepts to life.

As part of Terence Conran’s umbrella project which asked “What have you always wanted in your home, but never been able to find?”,  fashion designer Paul Smith dreamed up his ideal shed, and then commissioned Nathalie de Leval to build it. (We’ve been inventing pop-up indoor rooms in our head for years!)

Nathalie de Leval
Nathalie de Leval

Of course, these are artists with connections and resources to fabrication labs, woodshops, and beyond, but we think concept-to-reality for the average daydreamer is more attainable than we think…3D printers, outsourced modelmaking, or DIY with sculpting clays or home-pour plastics are all within reach….

We have a whole trove of products and inventions in our head —finding new “WANT/WHY HASN’T SOMEONE INVENTED THIS?” daily — so it is interesting to see what Conran’s friends sketched on their wish list and the prototypes that got made. You can see them at Design Boom.

The project also reminded us of the value of carrying a notebook for jotting/drawing ideas.

“What have you always wanted in your home, but never been able to find?”

—Sinnae Choi


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