Walking in the park the other day, we saw a young woman lying in a huge pile of brightly-colored leaves…half buried really, resting; she looked relaxed and content.  Around her three little girls were all happily making things out of leaves. And we thought LEAVES. What a beautiful material-for-making things all around us.

That got us looking for Fallen Leaf Creations. First up, this beauty, Autumn Heart, above, from a charming young website, The Assembled Heart Project: a weekly blog featuring hearts made from different media, along with whatever influenced each one. For Autumn Heart, it was Nat King Cole singing Autumn Leaves, which you can listen to in a separate window.

Autumn Heart is made by clearing a heart shape out of a pile of leaves, something you could probably do with your feet, as with this one found on Tumblr. Scuff along and leave a random message for a stranger…

leaf heart

We love French artist Sylvain Meyer’s spiral leaf pattern made soley of leaves and objects found on the forest floor.

Sylvain Meyer

We might make something like that ourselves…

or just jump in a pile of leaves.

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