At a birthday party recently, Maria Robledo presented two utterly charming cakes from Patisserie Burrow, a tiny bakery hidden in the lobby of 68 Jay Street in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood. When you experience the pastries, cookies and cakes created by Ayako Kurokowa, you know an artist is at work. We find ourselves inspired just by looking at her Instagrams, and by her little bio:

AYAKO KUROKAWA is a patissier, a pastry sculptor, and a food stylist in NYC. She picks her inspirations from her restaurant experiences, Brooklyn life, and day dreaming in the subway.She likes the comfort of wood, precious old things, and simple fresh dishes. She also loves to surprise people, and to bring smiles to their faces with her sweets.
Her pastry recipes are based on classic French recipes, but are developed with the Japanese and American influences she had growing up. She developed the portrait and sculpture cakes from her love for stone carving and clay sculpting. They are her remarkable works.​

Kurokawa’s creations are often clever and simple. We could apply her ideas to our own baking.

Baking different size-graduated rectangles of our Butter Cookie dough, stacking them and tying them with a ribbon would yield a cookie house (at top).

The 3D star cookie, below, could be easily made by stamping stars out the same cookie dough and cutting notches into the dough which would allow them to interlock once baked….

Looking closely at the details of the charming Flower Garden Cake shows the possibilities for minimalist cake decorating…

As do her Sun Cookies…

We LOVE the date written on a butter cookie to mark the day….

Burrow has no phone, so the only way to contact Kurokawa is via email: [email protected]

sorry…We have poor signal,
because we are in a burrow.

Burrow’s is one of our favorite Instagrams to follow.  It will make you hungry, happy and inspired.

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