(Video link here.) A camera mounted to an umbrella captures the experience of walking down the snow-covered streets of New York City in winter in this short video from the New York Times. We saw it not long after we heard a mother reassuring her little girl, as they walked through the frigid, still-snowy park across the way, that Spring was going to come SOON.  We realized that the one thing we could all still count on is Nature and change. That is the rule, as this wondrous, very pink “Young Tree” by Paul Klee attests.

Paul Klee
Paul Klee

We especially love Ernst Raboff’s description of Klee’s painting in the illuminating Art for Children: Paul Klee, out-of-print but found in the Little Free Library.

Ernst Raboff
Ernst Raboff


The Artist reminds us how wonderful the spring is.

And just this week, the weather turned and the light started changing…


via Laughing Squid

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2 replies on “Klee’s Pink Spring in Deep Winter

  1. Spring — oh yuck! Nothing is as magical as winter and it is dreadfully unappreciated.

  2. ha! Good perspective!
    I’d say the video of the umbrella cam shows the magic.

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