Nestled in one of graphic designer Pamela Hovland‘s very cool folded magazine page envelopes I received recently, was the brilliantly mutable, multipurpose business card she designed years ago. To me, a perfect business card is one that never gets out of date, and this is one.

The front side simply has Pamela’s name. On the opposite side is a space for writing a note, address, website, phone number, ANYTHING.   As Pamela’s work changes, she can write in whatever info she wants, or use them just to say ‘hello’.

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

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4 replies on “Pamela Hovland’s Perfect Mutable Business Card

  1. Of course, I finally submitted my first order for business cards the other day. This is a brilliant idea. But I did get the phrase hello! in binary on my cards which is appropriate given what I do. But I will have to figure out how to include this idea when I re-order my cards. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Tim. I’ve been thinking of how to work Pamela’s great idea into my cards as well. Each person I meet seems to need something different, and hers allows for that.

  3. I’m retired, but not dead yet. So when I meet a potentially interesting person, I have a non-business card I hand him/her. Name, address, email address, cell phone. That’s all. Don’t need to XXXX out my agency name/address and scribble other info on old cards.

    As you have said, Avery templates [as add-in to MS Word], an inkjet printer and Bob’s yer uncle.

  4. YES. Good idea to have a way of giving contact info without having to state a profession…
    “…and Bob’s yer uncle…”

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