Last October, 22 temporary hotel rooms popped up around Mannheim, Germany, as part of the Hotel Shabby Shabby event for the city’s Theater der Welt festival. Designers were invited to build temporary cabins in unexpected locations using found or recylable materials, for a strict 250 pounds (less than $400) budget.

It yielded a many ideas for building forts, cabins and shelters with inexpensive materials, just in time for summer. Here are our favorites:

The Hedonist was built with pallets, wood beams, corrugated fibreglass and steel scaffolding. Transparent walls allow views of the lake, while curtains can be drawn closed for privacy, yielding a cozy bedroom

cabin hotel 02
Nuno Pimenta, Frederico Tavares de Pinho and Miguel C. Tavares

A couple of the “hotels” were raised on iron scaffolding, which provided structure and elevation. The 3 Lichter Hotel is a house-shaped room raised on scaffolding along the Neckar River promenade.

Arthur Bauer
Arthur Bauer

Monumnotal was also built of scaffolding AROUND a statue of German writer and philosopher Friedrich Schiller.

cabin hotel 05
Arthur Bauer

There were MANY cool ideas for using common scaffolding…

cabin hotel 04
Arthur Bauer

Check out more ‘hotels’ HERE.

via Dezeen


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