At the ever-inspiring Aqqindex the other day, I came across this sublime pink sleeping nook in Tunisia and thought WANT! I know the influence of pink because of the pink wall in my bedroom: in the three years I’ve slept there, I’ve not grown tired of the hopeful, serene-yet-jazzy vibe it sends me.

Then I found more images of inspiring PINK, with that same curious effect, AND an odd, compelling, curiously-erotic Japanese Instagram Pink Part. Join me on a pink adventure.

I LOVE tres-moderne 70’s sleeping nook…

Aqqindex pink Luigi Colani, Rotor Haus, 2004

I NEVER lusted after a plastic chair until I saw Joe Columbo’s 70’s pink armchair for Kartell (nearly unobtainable now)…

Aqqindex pink Gae Aulenti, for Kartell, 1974

But this pink Acapulco chair can be had at Ebay for the right offer:


pink acapulco chair

Had this layered sofa been made of any other colors, I don’t think I’d want to flop down on it and snooze…

Aqqindex pink Sergio de Michiel, Le Illusioni Sofa, for Barnaba Visconti, 1981

And there is pink hair (pourquoi pas?)

pink hair

Pink Part gives a whole OTHER view of pink…



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