New Zealand Artist Barry Cox spent four years building a chapel out of trees. He planted and carefully guided the growth of Cut Leaf Alder and other trees, weaving their branches together to create the framework. Then he used shrubs like Copper Sheen to create leafy walls. We LOVE the idea and found it thrilling to walk in, via this fragment of a longer video about his extensive gardens.  (Be sure to turn the sound OFF.)

..Pretty swell…

Yet we can’t help thinking that trees as-is pretty much ARE our church, giving us the tranquility and connection that traditional churches try to achieve. The New Yorker recently reported scientific proof that trees calm us. At our friend’s house in the woods recently we found that all we had to do is LOOK out…

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

…or back home in our Harlem park, look UP!

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider (Click to embiggen)

There are fabulous non-denominational churches all over the place!

? Angel Oak Tree
? Angel Oak Tree, Charlston

You can see more images of the Tree Church here, and find out how to visit here.

Thanks Cara!

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