Somewhere in our travels, we stumbled on this sign which echoes what many people feel about Monday, the start of the work week, including our own. For us, it means we’re back publishing two+ posts a day, social media, image-making and processing, writing, email correspondence, and working on “extra” projects. We have to seriously gear up after a couple of days off, and a Sunday when we totally STOP.

Monday being a bastard, we get it. But we’re thinking we’d rather change the sign, and view, to this:

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider
We got to wake up and look around and be here another day…
…And listen to the Mamas and the Papas (Video link here.)

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One thought on “In Defense of Monday

  1. Does it not show how much our views are shaped from outside , by ‘have-to’s , by bullying ( students being afraid of another week) ? Maybe it would help then to call it a name .. or it just shows that by tuesday one has gotten used to the drill again . idk.
    Love to hear some happy Monday stories : )
    it is not the day ,

    Have a lovely week ,

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