Some time ago, we went on a hunt for great sheets. Curiously, we’re not crazy about linen to sleep on, although it looks great. We prefer linen for a coverlet or bed skirt. The sheets we love feel cool and crisp when you climb into bed. Combed or jacquard cotton won’t do it, neither does most of the million thread-count sheets we’ve tried, which end up being heavy and often scratchy. The only way we’ve found to guarantee ‘cool and crisp‘ is with Supina cotton percale bedding. The best value we’ve found is at Garnet Hill. Their tried-and-true Solid Hemstitched Supima Percale bedding is worth the price. We wait for their 25% off sale, which is NOW through April 25th.

Garnet Hill Supima bedding 1


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6 replies on “Tried-and-True: Cool, Crisp Percale Sheets

  1. Oh Thank you, thank you!, I have been searching high and low for CRISP sheets like when I was a kid! I ordered right away.

  2. I’ve enjoyed them nightly for years. Can’t go back.
    For me they are beautiful unironed, and somehow remain their crispyness that way too. If you an unwrinkled sheet person, you will have to iron them or take them to a hand laundry.

  3. I slept on my new CRISP sheets for the first time last night, I slept so well. Thanks for this post, best of all they were on sale!

  4. YAY Niheala. I timed the post for the 25% off sale.

    I just came back from 5 days traveling and was SO happy to sleep on those cool, crisp sheets.

  5. Hi Sally, I keep getting booted off of your website. I do believe that I sent you $100.00 this year again so i am not sure what is happening Cassandra Greene ([email protected])

  6. Hi Cassandra, I responded to you directly by email and in your previous comment but didn’t hear back from you. Did you not get my email? Please contact me at [email protected] and I will make sure we get to the bottom of your issue.

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