In Sogyal Rinpoche’s Glimpse after Glimpse, Daily Reflections on Living and Dying, we read:

The purpose of meditation is to awaken in us the skylike nature of the mind…

…the skylike nature of the mind…

Beautiful. We can think of no better illustration for that idea than this anonymous photograph taken at the Shell Centre parking lot near Waterloo Station in London in 1963. Cars’ paths collectively create a tree that can only be seen from above.

Is there a way to cultivate a bigger view of the world we inhabit, and the wondrous patterns we wander around in?


…that Seamus Heaney wrote so movingly about in this fragment from his poem Seeing Things

All the time
As we went sailing evenly across
The deep, still, seeable-down-into water,
It was as if I looked from another boat
Sailing through the air, far up, and could see
How riskily we fared into the morning,
And loved in vain our bare, bowed, numbered heads.

Here’s Earth Seen from Above by Meredith Monk, to carry the theme into music…and into your day…(Video link here.)


Top photo via Kottke

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