We love the quiet end of the year between Christmas and New Years. We take the week to relax, unhook from our usual routine, and reflect on the year that has passed so we can envision the New.

And we count blessings, many of them of the every day kind that Maira Kalman so wonderfully celebrates in her books and illustrations

Maira Kalman


One big blessing is you, Improvised Life’s readers.

As we read over Comments and emails you’ve sent over the year — the fuel that got Improvised Life to today—…

…we are very grateful…


We will see you in the New Year.

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5 replies on “Our Practice for the Last Week of the Year

  1. Thank you for another year of thoughtful, creative inspiration. I appreciate your kind and positive approach to living. Peace, joy and health in the new year.

  2. Hope you are having a lovely holiday. Please know that IL continues to be a very important part of my life – the first email I read in the morning and the first place I look when I am in need of a reminder that a satisfying life is what i do to make it so.

  3. So Grateful to you, Sally and Friends, for all that you have done — especially over this past chaotic and upsetting year — to keep things in perspective. IL is like a family to me in the best sense, thanks to you. Much love…

  4. Thank you so much for this website! It provides me with much needed wonder, information and perspective.

  5. To all that wrote me in Comments and emails to tell me how Improvised Life resonates in their lives THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It means the world to me to hear, and is sparkling up my time off. Wishing you all a wondrous year ahead.

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