When we passed a clever woman lazily lounging in a hammock strung between two trees in our local park, we wondered why we don’t see more people taking advantage of the many kinds of hammock supports that are readily available, like trees or steel posts.

This guy was a member of the crew filming the tv show Elementary. He rigged a hammock so he could lounge during down times. Brilliant!

Sally Schneider

He and the park lady both knew the secret of hammocks: They are sublimely relaxing and fun, with proven calming effects to the nervous system.

You can string up a hammock easily if you have two things: a nylon hammock that folds to nothing and a pair of straps for safely and quickly hanging a hammock (with no damage to trees). Together, they weigh less than a pound so are easy to transport. They’re way easier to put up than this rope and garbage bag rig.


These hammock straps are designed to allow you to adjust the height of your hammock instantly, according to the span you have to work with.

As for the hammock, there’s a huge range of sizes, colors, widths, materials to choose from.

If you can’t or don’t want to rig up a hammock in public, there are some swell inexpensive hammock stands that can be put together in a jiffy indoors or out. We got one for our New York City apartment.

Sally Schneider

It’s nice for hanging out at sunset or under the stars…


If you have sturdy beams to tie into, all the better. (We DID once, many years ago in a brownstone we lived in. We embedded two hooks and got years of pleasure from it. The basic approach is here.) There’s nothing like a hammock in a living space.

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2 replies on “How to Hang a Hammock Anywhere

  1. Thank you for that, Sally! I always learn something new and adventurous by reading your blog. The idea that you ride your commuter bike around NYC makes me realize that I’d better get my beach cruiser’s tires inflated so I can tool around my neighborhood out here in the San Fernando Valley in LA. Endless admiration!

  2. I encourage you to get your bike up and running. When I asked a friend why he loved his new bike he said: “Because it make me feel free.” Ditto. It’s kind of like flying and you end up in very cool places.

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