For most of Improvised Life’s 10-years of publishing, I sent out each new post by email. Most readers reported viewing it as a surprising and welcome gift in their inbox every morning.

When Improvised Life moved to a new platform in early 2020, I had to leave our old, archaic email system behind. Sending out once weekly roundup of new posts by email was, at the time, the only viable option. A number of readers wrote to say how much they missed the old system.

Things have evolved since then and I’ve discovered that I now can send each new post to reader’s inboxes the morning it is published.

That new possibility coincides with with my desire to post more fluidly and not on a set schedule. Sending an email with each new post would alert readers when there is something new to read, and hopefully provide that same sense of surprise and gift.

Starting next week, I’m going to test drive sending out an email with each new post as it is published, likely 2 or 3 times per week.

You see how that feels and I will too. As always I welcome your feedback.

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6 replies on “An Email Experiment for Improvised Life Subscribers

  1. Looking forward to getting the emails again. They really kept me better connected to Improvised Life.

  2. I also miss your emails. I look forward to receiving them again.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve received quite a few emails as well with readers saying they’re happy to return to the old way…We’ll start Monday.

  4. This email made my day! I have SO missed the “old” IL!

  5. I’m new to IL but I think the emails will help me be better engaged.

  6. Hi Sally,

    So great to know. I haven’t been receiving your Improvised Life emails for quite some time. How I have missed them!!
    I assumed it had to do with the state of our world and not an email glitch. Please advise. So delighted you are still up and running.
    Thanks my friend.
    I look forward to catching up.

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