Kei Okano

You’ve invited a crowd for dinner and you don’t have enough chairs…So, you take some long planks you happened to have hanging around for a construction project, or bought for just such emergencies, and expand a row of spaced chairs into double the seating with a bench. No matter how chic they become, a bench is an old-fashioned no-frills seating method that gives the sitters a feeling of connection, and allows for pushing the numbers at table by “squashing together.”

This inspired chair bench is the brainstorm of Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architecture Office. Her simple formula WORKS, though you might have to even out the heights of disparate chairs by propping magazines or books under them.

chair + chair + chair + chair…
+ 2 or 3 planks whatever length you want or have
+ magazines as shims and levelers
= a cool-looking bench.

Kei Okano
Kei Okano

via Dezeen

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