Voting for the Homies Home Design Award nomination has ended and ‘the improvised life’ was officially nominated, thanks to your votes, though it didn’t make the finals. No worries; we did great!

Your steady  barrage of votes kept ‘the improvised life’ on Apartment Therapy’s Hot Movers list for a day and a half, right up front. It made many people so curious about ‘the improvised life’ that they came to check us out; many left enthusiastic comments. Our traffic numbers were HIGH, meaning LOTS of people visited, which helps to expand ‘the improvised life’s visibility, and get the message out – essential fuel for a young blog.

Entering  ‘the improvised life’ into the awards involved no strategy on our part other than to say “Why not see how we’d do?”, and put ourselves out there. And we got back wonderful, and unexpected, rewards.

So a heartfelt THANK YOU for taking the time to vote, and for being in there with us!

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6 replies on “thank you!!!!!

  1. It was fun, voting for your blog and seeing your number increase right there in real time! I heard you on a podcast for Splendid Table within the last few weeks–listened to your interview twice, and made a note to check out your Improvised Life blog, and also picked up the ingredients to try out the “malted milk balls” recipe you gave (though you were quick to point out it really is a “bark” not a “ball” per se.

    I am thinking that, given that your cookbook is one of the top 10 for the DECADE (yikes, that is an award to win!), perhaps you might want to offer it as a POD (print on demand) since there are going to be people who would prefer to buy it directly from you rather than buy a used copy?

    Congrats on the nomination, and happy traffic for 2010!


  2. Hi Mary, Thanks for your vote and your words. I think your POD idea is a great one and I’ve been mulling that over for various things I’ve written. The problem with A New Way to Cook is that it is over 700 pages! I’ll have to research POD and see if there are options for breaking a book up, or just selling chapters etc. We will look into it. Thanks again. Wishing you a wondrous New Year.

  3. Dearest Sally and All,
    I thought I would seize this opportunty to express my thanks for your blog (much more) that inspires me and reminds me of the unlimited potential for expansion and creation…around every corner…over the land and in the sea…flying high…buried deep…subtle and not so…delicious and great fun! My senses are tickled and turned on! To be continued my friends.

  4. Jody, THANK YOU so much for your words, for really getting it/expressing what we are trying to do. Yes, to be continued, my friends!
    (in a New Year…)

  5. I just took at look at the other Homie finalists..and, quite frankly, I think your blog is far superior in layout, looks and overall content.
    Next year: Look out everyone!!
    Maybe the Homies should incorporate a new category that is more all encompassing, and would be more Improvised Life friendly.
    Love your work!

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