Hunter Gatherer is a blog that is appears to be about STUFF: enticing pictures of cool things for sale (no words) that it is not selling (it just points to the place that is): like the simple desk for sale at Iko Iko with a lovely curved base that looks like you could make it yourself out of really good plywood. This curiously curated selection is almost always rich with interesting, if inadvertent, ideas, like Iko Iko’s concrete block shelving (totally unlike college dorm ones)…concrete-block-shelving

…or this safety pin by Bless used as a hair clip (making me think: Why couldn’t I just use a big safety pin or a kilt pin?)…


or this minimalist pot rack from Produce made from an antique beam “milled for a magnet holder and fins that hang pots below. Trays in the top accommodate the knife magnet, lid storage, spice storage and display.”


Wow, THAT gives me lots of ideas.

The photo of Joo Youn Paek’s pillowig (“a hand-made wearable pillow that comforts people during the tired moments in daily life “)…


…sent me following the link to her website to discover her compelling art works I might never have found otherwise, like fold loud….

…so beautiful!

All these cool ideas for free; no need to buy a thing!

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