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3 replies on “a daring path

  1. OMG is this the way to work?? why do i think its tibet? this path could be the untimate courage test. holy cow!!! suzy

  2. My stomach flutters just looking at it. I once had to stand on a platform of that width, halfway down a 300 foot rappel, changing ropes attached to my harness before continuing down the next 150 feet. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I was on a harness! I imagine the people traversing this route are just holding on. Jeez!

  3. With a harness and a partner, this looks really great! i wonder who put the boards there. someone without a harness, sturdy rope, sturdy partner i bet.

    Statistically, i wonder if a southern California freeway in the a.m. is any safer!

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