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After 10 pm, I am driven by a sweet-tooth so fierce, I never keep actual sweets like ice cream or cookies on hand; I’m afraid of what would happen. Then I find myself foraging through the cupboard, looking for something that will satisfy my craving. When I stumbled on the milk chocolate disks I usually use for dessert-making, I had a vision: peanut butter cups…chunky organic peanut butter sandwiched between really good chocolate…instant and brilliant to my mind.

I tried out the idea with both Valhrona chocolate and Guittard (which has a more overtly peanut-butter-cup shape) in a side-by-side tasting to discover how much better Valhrona really is: more deeply flavored, creamier, stunningly good. Then I swapped out the peanut butter for some Hazelnut Praline I had in the fridge and found myself savoring the taste of gianduja – chocolate with roasted hazelnut – that made me think of a wild truffle-hunting trip to Piemonte, Italy, where they love the stuff. I’d once hauled back kilos of gianduiotti, the little foil-wrapped candy shaped like an upturned boat, from Turin, and parceled them out until they were, finally, gone…

Tara Mann

This improvised two-ingredient midnight snack will deeply feed a crazy hunger.

(The picture is the recipe…)

Valhrona milk chocolate “feves” are available at Whole Foods Markets, or by mail-order here.

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5 replies on “midnight snack: homemade peanut butter cups

  1. I’m AFRAID of what would happen if these ingredients were in my cabinet!
    thanks for waking up my sweet tooth so early (sigh!)

  2. Haha I’m the same way…no prepared desserts around so when a strong craving hits, I have to improvise. Usually involves honey and peanut butter as a start.

  3. oh my gosh i’ve been there!!!…peanut butter and really good chocolate are staples here…have added a slice of banana…toasted nuts and heavy cream are also two of my mix-ins!

  4. College dorm version: Large spoonful of peanut butter, studded with Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate chips.

  5. I LOVE it: totally to the point. Thanks for that swell little revelation.

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