When we were in Santa Cruz recently, a friend dragged us to a giant shopping mall. In no time, our senses were overwhelmed by TOO MUCH: stuff for sale, Cinnabon and Starbuck’s smells, piped music, people. Stumbling on the new Lego store made it all worth while. We loved its giant wall of help-yourself bins of Legos: we could buy the exact amount of whatever color(s) we wanted.  Since we naturally seem to lean toward the monochromatic, we started imagining all the things we would devise with white Legos (maybe with one orange one stuck in to mess it up a little), or maybe these hot green ones…

Sally Schneider

There were nice little displays you could peer into, where we saw our “white” fantasy worked out a bit, and thought of…

Sally Schneider

…Kartell’s Componibili storage designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri in 1969, and the elegant form plastic can take…

We’re happy that Lego finally figured out a brilliant simple way to sell basic Legos and is opening stores all over the place…(Click here for strategies for getting the most Legos for your money when you fill a cup from a bin.)

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

Let us know what you devise!

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4 replies on “the lego store

  1. There’s a lego store in Santa Cruz! I love this! I blame legos for my wanting to be an Architect, so I have a love for this toy like no other. Thanks for this post and I will be taking a drive down there very soon!

  2. Kim, PLEASE send is pictures of what you make with Legos!!!

  3. Dana Joy, thank you so much for reminding us of this great piece for Kartel. It is really great and apt…

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