When we wrote about suspending task lights from the ceiling, we never imagined THIS possibility: the spider-like mother-of-all-task-lights designed by Ron Giliad for Moooi. It’s available at Modern Light for about $4,000, OR you could buy sixteen adjustable task lights for about $20 each and rig one. (Even if you had an iron-worker make the base, and hired an electrician to wire it, you’d STILL save a couple thousand bucks, at least…).

via Desire to Inspire

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2 replies on “ceiling task light redux: the mother of all task lights

  1. I find the light in the background, by the window of far greater interest in regards improvisation. It is based on the first project ever produced by the brothers Campana. the story goes that on a bet the went into someones garage and made a working lamp out of whatever was immediately on hand.
    a fishing pole ,a car headlamp, and a transformer from a radio. check out their website, its fantastic.

  2. Hi Matthew,Thank you the headsup about the Campana Brothers and their utterly fabulous website. We fell into it and found ourselves unable to stop seeing what they’d do next. We’re with you on the light in the background. It appears to be one by Achille Catiglione (picture here). We’ve hunted for the Campana brothers one you mentioned, but to no avail. Any idea where we could find a photo?

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