Maria Robledo 

We LOVE Isabel Rower’s brilliant idea to put posters on the ceiling…

Maria Robledo

4 replies on “posters on the ceiling!

  1. My dad is a retired dentist. When he was in practice, he always had posters on the ceiling over the dental chairs because, after all, that’s what you spend your time staring up at during a visit! Of course, he didn’t have anything as colorful and funky as these!!

  2. When my sister and I were adolescents, we put our posters of the Beatles on the ceiling above our beds, so they were the first thing we saw in the morning when we opened our eyes.

  3. We all did this in the 70s!!!! We bought our posters at World Bazaar & from the Scholastic book club!

  4. What a good idea, and what an empathetic person your dad must be: to put himself in his patient’s shoes and imagine what they would be seeing…and then putting something there for them to look at.

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