If we were going to make a gingerbread house, we’d forego the Victorian thing and go modernist, living out our architectural fantasies. We typed “modernist gingerbread houses” into Google Images and found a trove. Our favorite is Kristina Hahn’s wondrous creation, The Cake Study House.  The list of Special Features evoke stunning possibilities:

banana succulents
almond cacti
hazelnut flowers
chili pepper palmtree
almond grass
pepper ferns
tea candle fireplace
seed-grassy backyard

gingerbread rooftops
tortilla chip sun sail
glass noodle awning
hard-gingerbread floors
wafer roll columns
glass noodle handrails
marshmallow beds
hard candy pillows
toblerone stairs
sugar cube chairs
cookie countertops
marshmallow chairs
chewing gum pool

…and tells us that perfect materials are all around us if we just open our eyes…

We want to live there!

…or here:

Check out the slideshow at Inhabitots.

If you really want to build your own sweet house, here are some resources:

…a site TOTALLY devoted to gingerbread houses…
…and a good basic gingerbread house recipe from Bon Appetit

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2 replies on “why not modernist gingerbread houses?

  1. We build a gingerbread house energy year on new years day – seems like san appropriate metaphor and it’s tongs of creative fun. Best part it’s that we end the whole project by wrecking and eating out – also an appropriate metaphor, in many ways, for the new year. It helps remind it’s to continue to play with our lives, to really take life in, to embrace it’s impermanence. Maybe I will write a book – The Gingerbread House Philosophy.

  2. …really like the idea of building the house and ending the project eating it….

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