pegboard as surface or tray The Selby
photo: todd selby

In The Selby’s recent photo essay of Coffee Supreme in Auckland New Zealand, we spotted some very cool uses for pegboard, a material with which we’ve become enamored when we saw a pegboard headboard.

Practically, pegboard is masonite (tempered hardboard) with holes punched in it to hold metal tool holders. Visually, pegboard is polka dot masonite that can be painted any color. It is cheap, strong and light (a 4′ x 8′ sheet costs around $20). At Coffee Supreme, they use pegboard in all sorts of ways: as a surface, above or as a simple, polka dot wall…

pegboard wall
photo: todd selby

…or as sliding doors for cabinets…

pegboard cabinet doors
photo: todd selby

…and yeah, even to hold tools…

coffee bar pegboard tool wall
photo: the selby

We’re thinking that hinged and painted, pegboard would make a great room screen…

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