Laura Marsden

Laura Anne Marsden is a textile designer who created a technique for transforming waste plastic bags into lace. She uses a combination of traditional hand-stitch and needle lace-making, along with various processes to change the properties and appearance of the plastic bags (Although her technique remains secret, we imagine cutting the bags into thin strips and heating them to form them into fine filaments…) She forms her lace into jewelry, wall adornments, Christmas ornaments, pilllow covers.

With her ‘Eternal Lace’, Marsden hopes to challenge preconceptions about undesirable recycled products. And she does, indeed, makes us view the ordinary plastic bag differently: as a raw material full of possibility.

We’d be happy to wear one of these strangely beautiful bracelets…

Laura Marsden

Her use of classic techniques with cast-off modern materials reminds us of  Constance Olds’ hooked rugs, that we posted in Creative Re-use: Constance Olds’ Hooked Rugs)

via Unconsumption

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