Grand Canal Venice
photo: Ellen Silverman

Ellen Silverman is traveling with her family in Venice, sending us the occasional wonderful photo. First came this one of the Grand Canal – like a teeny vacation for us. Then came a few-line story of the clever idea she learned while visiting friends:

We were invited to an impromptu lunch on our first day in Venice by a Venetian friend. He had set the table out on his terrace. Cleverly he stored his chair cushions on hooks from the roof overhang. 

hanging terrace pillows
photo: Ellen Silverman

A swell idea: it keeps them out of the way, airing out and dry when not in use.

hanging outdoor cushions
photo: Ellen Silverman

After lunch, we rehung the cushions and left te dishes for later as we sat and chatted the rest of the afternoon away. Lazy summer Sunday. 

lunch dishes
photo: Ellen Silverman


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