"cooking matters" from Food Rules
maira kalman: ‘food rules’ by michael pollan

We have a lot of respect for writer Michael Pollan’s writing about the food industry, and heard that his 2009 book Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual presented a sane approach to eating. But we’ve been so bombarded over the years with”scientifically proven” strictures about what to cook and eat that were later proven WRONG, that our skepticism kept us away from his book. Until now.

Last month Pollan re-released the book with a set of fabulous illustrations by Maira Kalman, and we were hooked. Pollan’s rules are totally sensible, easy to follow ideas for maximizing the good stuff in your diet, most of which we can definitely get behind. But it’s the great images that really pull you in and make the rules come alive. Here are some of our favorites, starting with the one, above, whose simple rule is “Cook”:

Shop the peripheries of the supermarket (where the real food is) and stay out of the middle (where processed food is)”:

Maira Kalman/Food Rules by Michael Pollan
maira kalman: ‘food rules’ by michael pollan

And from an interview with Kalman: “When Michael asked if I would like to illustrate this book, I said two things. First, YES. Absolutely YES. Second, that Cheezdoodles had a beloved place in our family history.”

maira kalman Food Rules Michael Pollan
maira kalman: ‘food rules’ by michael pollan

We’re going to buy a bunch of copies to give as gifts.

maira kalman: ‘food rules’ by michael pollan

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2 replies on “‘food rules’ made delicious by maira kalman

  1. Hey, thank you for publishing this info. I had no idea Maira Kalman illustrated Michael Pollan’s new book! I love her work!

  2. I’ve seen the book with no illustrations, and just like you, I stayed away. Will check out the new version. Thanks!

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