(Video link here.) In this astonishing time-lapse video of Hurricane Sandy hitting New York City, you get to see her force grow before your very eyes. Although she’s gone, the effects of that immense storm are very immediate: lots of people around the New York area still don’t have power — no computers, tv, phone, refrigerators —many are without running water water,  lots of businesses are closed, a lot of people lost homes and possessions, and folks they loved.  Food and water are being trucked in as though … it …was…a…disaster….area…..

That’s because it is. Those affected by it have no choice but to improvise HARD, figure out solutions with whatever they do have on hand, like our intrepid part-time assistant Dese’Rae, who hiked uptown to a cafe where they had wifi so she could work for us long distance.

Some folks are improvising ways to HELP, like this kind soul that offered use of a connected powerstrip to any stranger who needed it.

New Yorkers show love by setting up a free power station for those without
Our friend Jody Lotito-Levine, stranded in flooded city Hoboken herself, has been volunteering at the makeshift shelter.


The question we are asking ourselves is: what can we do to help?


If you’d like to help (with goods, services or $ donations) the great Manhattan User’s Guide has published a good How to Help Guide here.  Here are some more good (and reliable) sources.

bottom photo via swissmiss; photo courtesy velojoy

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One thought on “hurricane sandy time-lapse: what happened is happening still

  1. wat was the time the hurricane happened?
    i need to know for part as my project
    any1 that helps me i will love foreva not really

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