giant leaf umbrella

This wonderful image got us thinking about umbrellas: the brilliance of the IDEA and the brilliance of the actual creation.

Somehow, that led us to this beautiful glowing dome made out red umbrellas that seemed to appear suddenly out of nowhere around a lamp post in the centre of Rotterdam.

umbrella dome

Wondrous DIY’s on the theme of umbrellas.

We love umbrellas for the instant pop-up shelter they provide. Our favorite is Totes Signature Golf Size Auto Open/Auto Close. It expands from 14 inches to a fatso 55 inches. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty. (We actually sent an umbrella that we’d used for years until it developed a broken spoke; Totes sent us a new one.)

Totes umbrella

A good portable umbrella allows us to hang out in the rain without worry, like the guy we spotted sitting on a park bench in the rain a while ago.

photo: sally schneider
photo: sally schneider


top via The Cool Hunter, with thanks to Michael Warren; umbrella dome via DUS Architects 


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One thought on “giant leaf umbrella, diy umbrella dome + our fave

  1. The leaf in the first photo (Petasites) is more than easily grown. I have some in my zone 5 Vermont garden. They’re really dramatically huge and will take over a shady spot in your yard. You must be vigilant if you want to keep them in check.We are able to mow around them which works beautifully.

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