Just as we posted about the many possibilities for using plywood as a wall covering, we learned of this brilliant play on the idea: moveable MAGNETIC silkscreened tiles made out of plywood. They are the brainchild of Giovanna and Matt Taylor, a couple who had never designed before. Remembering the blue-and-white ceramic tiles of her Italian childhood, Giovanna imagined lightweight wooden tiles with magnetic backing would allow for endless applications and arrangements from wall art, to back splashes to headboards to….The couple started making them in their Brooklyn shop and Moonishco was born.

You peel the protective backing from the steel corners and stick them to your walls…

…then appy the tile, which has corresponding magnets on each corner,  to the designated spot.

Such a good idea, especially if you don’t want to commit to a wall treatment, or live in a rental. We’ve long been fans of magnets and did quite a bit of experimenting with them (that post to come) after we ordered a trove from K.G. Magnetics.

H-m-m-m. Wonder if we could do something like that ourselves? We found it’s pretty easy to find self-adhesive magnetic sheets that could be cut and applied to thin sheets of plywood veneer or other materials.   But what about a metal it would adhere to? That took a while. Until we googled ‘steel tape for magnets’ and found…steel tape for magnets (here as well)!

Lot’s of possibilities to monkey around with…

With thanks to eagle-eye Susan Dworski for spotting the tiny New York Times piece about Moonishco.

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