Recently, we noticed a spike in traffic to our 2009 post d-i-y lace chain link fence. Ho, are people trying to figure out how to make chain link fences look better at last?  What we loved in that early post was that someone had brilliantly seen that the metal grid of a chainlink fence is really a loom for weaving (think of those pot holder looms you used as a kid). The’d transformed ugly chain link with lacey crochet.

Looking around for more iterations, we found Michigan-based artist Lambchop’s Typographic Fences project. The Michigan-based artist weaves words and phrases into chain-link fences using ordinary flagging tape. Lambchop transforms the ugly fence —we find we don’t even notice the fence— into an illuminating message.


…it is a reminder to:

lamb chop
lamb chop

…at the possibilities…

All images via Cargo Collective

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8 replies on “diy chain link fence artistry: weave a sign or design

  1. The first thing I thought when I saw this was, hah, thank you chainlink fence for telling my I look lovely! Couldn’t help it. But this is great, thanks for posting this wonderful read!

  2. I think this is interesting and a great idea. I never really thought you can actually do some creative arft work over a chain link fence. I love the quote on the third picture. I think it’s actually nice to put some artwork.

  3. It’s actually a great idea however i don’t think i can do this on our chain link fence but maybe i can put on some artwork instead like flowers or butterflies. I love the quote on the third picture as well. Something to keep in mind.

  4. Just one more reason why I love the Suprise Me link!

  5. Hello – how do you start and end the tape? by tie it on wire fence? and do you have alphabet grid for each letter or something?

    Lovely art work – want to do that for my school as well! better than Solo cups.

  6. If you google “woven chain link fence”, you’ll see many different ways to use the fence as a loom through which you can weave all sorts of materials. You could tie the end of the tape, tape it, staple it, sew it…

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