AC w and without foamcore

Once the bulk of the Harlem Laboratory renovation was done, I made the decision to move in with many smaller projects still to be finished. The place was liveable, and  I figured I could work on them over the coming months, gradually. Busy with work, months dragged on and some of the unfinished bits became literal eyesores. I hated looking at them. Until I could devise the solutions I wanted, I had to come up with temporary fixes.

An ex-set designer I knew came up with a foamcore “front” for the ugly heater  (below) that would have cost fortune to replace. Foam core! What an idea. You can cut it with a utility knife. Half-inch thickness are pretty solid. And you can paint it.

I’ve devised a number of foamcore solutions for unfinished elements I will deal with down the line when time and $$ permits.

I replaced the ill-fitting plastic AC surround with a snug foamcore one that gives it a clean look. (I used the plastic surround as a template for cutting the foam core, squaring the edges), above.

foam core disguise- heater + ac

…A sheet of foam core covers the pull-out shelf in a nook in the kitchen…

cabinet w foamcore finish
photo: sally schneider

until I figure out the right front for it…

unfinished kitchen pullout shelf
photo: sally schneider

A thin sheet of foam core wedged behind my desk disguises a tangle of ugle electronics wires

how to hide computer wires
photo: sally schneider

For smallish projects, Amazon sells foam core in 20″ x 30″ sheets. I prefer to make the occasional trip to Utrecht or another good art store where we buy 40″ x 60″ sheets in 1/2″ or 3/8″ thicknesses. It’s so light, I can manage 4 or 5 sheets at a time. You can also order from Utrecht online.  Foam core comes in black, white and the occasional color, and can be painted.

foam core

My foamcore fixes won’t last forever, but they buy me some time until I get to my endless to-do’s.

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2 replies on “foamcore illusions for short-term home-design fixes

  1. That makes so much sense. Thanks for the post.

  2. Great! – as usual, I might add… I love the false wall, hide the mess, idea. On the other hand, why cover the pot nook. It looks so lovely the way it is.

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