(Video link HERE.) We’ve been riveted by the Olympics on Sochi which we’ve been watching on TV. What interests us most is the fierce spirit we see: contenders making unexpected mistakes, falling, going off-track and off-plan, and most often CONTINUEING their run anyway, valiently with no possibility of winning. There are many victories we didn’t know about.

Last week Germany’s Carina Vogt won the gold metal in women’s ski jumping, making her the first person in Olympic history to do so. We hadn’t realized that until this year, only men could compete in the sport. We were knocked out by this short video of women ski-er’s UPHILL fight to allow women to compete, and especially by this quote right up front:

It scared the crap out of me honestly, and I love that feeling…

What an attitude!!!

Not many people can say the fly over 100 meters in the air with ski’s on their feet…

They have fought for the RIGHT TO FLY, and won!

via The Dish

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