During our obsessive rampage at AQQ Index the other day, we came across two compelling images of “splatter” decor. At top, Gavina’s display of Italian architect Ignazio Gardella‘s Digamma chair from 1956 with its beautiful splattered wall. Then, we found artist Duggie Field’s 1976 interiors where splatters become the unifying element in his colorful multi-patterned rooms. Splatters and dribbles can be a very cool design element that loosens up a space.

Duggie Fileds, 1976 squiggle paint floor

….Fields LOVES splatter and uses it widely, from living rooms…

Duggie Fields splatter LR

…to the bathroom

Duggie Fields bathroom

Splatter works fine in less extreme environments. Here’s a kid’s play room from the ’50’s with a fab splatter floor:

splatter floor wary meyers

…all, we imagine, inspired by Jackson Pollock’s liberating splatter paintings...

Hans Namuth
Hans Namuth

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