Here’s a lovely little storage solution we found hiding in Remodelista’s recent Copenhagen house tour, where we found also stumbled on glass jars cleverly labeled with washable markers.

In the entryway, a sheer curtain on a brass rail hides the electrical box and hanging coats and scarves while adding a pretty jolt of color. We done a less elegant version to hide the insides of our closet that STILL doesn’t have a proper door.¬†

One of these days, we’ll build cabinetry that will hold a door. But until then, we’re happy with this ripped-linen curtain (forged from a swath of off-white linen we’d bought for another never-done project) on an as-minimalist-as-we-could-find, impermanent¬†tension curtain rod. (We keep a couple on hand for just such emergencies.)

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

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