It many of the modern interiors we browse online, there’s a lamb or sheep skin thrown onto a mid-century chair. They are everywhere, so ubiquitous they are a bit…er…irritating.

Then we saw this chair designed by Franco Albini for Cassina (in 1959! but still available) and thought Aha! Why not completely COVER an ordinary chair with sheep skin to transform it into a cozy arm chair with a whole other look? We’d use the chair for structure, not for looks.

It appears others have had the same idea. Dig these two found at the late Despoke:

…The wonder of these is that the skins are so beautiful…

French designer Jean Royère played with the idea in the fifties, incorporating a skin as PART of the beautiful structure of the chair, not as an embellishment…

He also designed this OUT-THERE iteration (with what looks like another fur altogether)…

Jean Royère
Jean Royère


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