headboard painted on the wall

We not crazy for headboards but find ourselves really liking the idea of a virtual headboard – painted right on the wall – that we recently stumbled on. When you want to change the style, just repaint…

…burnished gold/copper/silver paint could be pretty cool…

headboard painted on wall in gold paint

…and stenciling offers lots of possibilities…

headboard stenciled on wall

We might take Color Field Paintings as inspiration, and see what we could come up with. Ellsworth Kelly’s Colors for a Large Wall is making our mind race with ideas…

Colors for a Large Wall Ellsworth Kelly
Ellsworth Kelly/MOMA.org

Top headboard: VosgesParis via VT Wonen
Gold headboard via All Things Paint and Plaster
Stencil headboard via Worlds Best Information

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3 replies on “d-i-y: paint a headboard right on the wall

  1. Sally – Do you happen to have the link for the burnished gold painted headboard? i cant seem to find it from the citation you give, and this is EXACTLY the kind of thing i have been wanting to do for our headboard

    thank you!

  2. I found it on All Things Paint and Plaster, the link I gave. It seems though that in moving her site, the blogger broke or changed some links. She has contact info on her new site. I’d email her with the picture or post and see if she can give you info. [email protected]. If you do make your own gold painted headboard, please send us photos.

  3. Thanks so much, Sally. Will try to contact her. Funny thing is, i saw this post not long after i had finished the second stage of painting a frame on my wall for a painting that i couldnt really afford to frame (i havent yet quite decided how many stages, in total, it will be…). it bears a lot of similarity to the first pic on this post…
    a painted headboard in the same room seems perfect (as long as the styles aren’t too similar to each other).

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