(Video link HERE.) This beauty of a film by Temujin Doran is about the processes by which mountains are created and eventually destroyed. While it might seem to be about physical geography and geology, it is about way more than that:

 about learning to see,

While we can all observe without guidance, we miss much. And it requires real training and an eye of faith to visualize what lies behind the shaping of the earth’s surface.

…and how the lifespan of mountains mirrors that of human life…

Despite their great size and age, their lives pan out in much the same way that a living creature’s does: They have a beginning, a middle, and an end, and as such, the life of a mountain mimics our own — it is a life that carries the weight of being and anticipation of sadness that one day things will change.

…and gives perspective to our own:

They are beautiful in their immensity, and all the good and evil things that happen in the world are of no consequence to the magnitude of their scale. 

We recommend starting your day with the first two or three minutes…and spreading the rest of the film out during the day.

Temujin Doran
Temujin Doran

Check out Doran’s photographs here.

Temujin Doran
Temujin Doran

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