We recently came across this tweet from God, with a new set of refreshing and useful commandments. Equally compelling, were tweets sent in response with suggestions for additional commandments. Here are some favorites:

Demand evidence. (from @miracleofsound)

Don’t tweet while drunk. (from @AbiBb9)

How is having safe sex and raising good kids not in the Top 10? (from @coolpapa654)

Play nice??? Make love not war?? (from @0fredrick)

No exploiting (from @OnePageWriter)

Not sure about number 4. I’m Scottish & who needs teeth. But 5. Doubt. Always doubt. (from @KSturton)


Our philosophy is pretty much summed up in our Manifesto. But these are some of our favorite rules to live by:

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider



Anne Herbert Don't Rush to Finish




fail better red 525



Do less; have less







Bill Murray Grab This Day

What commandment or rule to live by would you add to the list?


via Swiss-Miss 

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