Lately, we’ve been seeing some appealing images of watercolor walls. Hmmm. Nice. Of course we thought, we’ll do that ourself. Easier said than done. From our limited knowledge of it, the beauty of watercolor has much to do with the paper, which allows the paint to bleed in interesting ways. So we started hunting for solutions.

After reading some interesting watercolor techniques here, including using salt, and found some beautiful examples

…we were just hatching possible strategies for watercolor walls when we came across the origins of the ones we’ve seen on design blogs: Black Crow Studios makes watercolor wall paper in large scale non-repetitive designs. Here’s a sampling of MANY…

Black Crow Studios
Black Crow Studios

They sell their watercolors as canvas prints, wallpaper by the roll and a few select wallpaper murals. But they aren’t cheap.

Our DIY imaginings include:

—buying REALLY large rolls of water color paper and making our own (or asking a friend to do it). Here’s a source that sells 60 inch x 30 yard rolls.

—making or finding a smaller water color and photographing it at high resolution through a custom wall mural service.. Then send the file to to have them make up a wall canvas.

—taking a wall we could paint over later and TRYING/EXPERIMENTING/MONKEY AROUND to see if we could achieve a watercolor-ish effect ourself.


via French by Design

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2 replies on “Watercolor Wall(paper)

  1. Instead of trying the 60×30 yard paper method, why not consider buying standard artists’ watercolor pads (16×20, 18×24, etc.)? Create the image on individual sheets and then adhere them to the wall. You can even experiment with different sizes and orientations for the individual paintings to effect a sort of Mondrian-esque collage on the wall

  2. Good idea and way easier. Now to see how good we are at watercolors….LEAP or is it perhaps DIVE!?

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