One of the many unexpected materials artist Holton Rower uses to make his art is money —physical paper money— rolled, folded and fashioned into all manner of unexpected scuptures. His concrete block filled with tightly-rolled bills resonates strongly with us, LOVING concrete block as we do for both their look and inherent possibilities, we feel like we’ve built Improvised Life block by block, post by post, to create a vast archive of articles about creating, making, living in the moment, undoing the NOTS in our heads to free ourselves to be more creative.

To keep building Improvised Life, we need money. It takes a massive amount of human energy to create each post, as well as a technical infrastructure that comes with monthly costs.

Like Rower’s illuminating art works, money + energy + creativity = something unique and tangible.  (View more of Holton’s $$ art here.)

Holton Rower
Holton Rower

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With special thanks to Holton Rower!  

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