Today’s the day! We’re throwing our baby up in the air, and we hope you’ll help us catch her!

Today we start our Friends with Benefits subscriptions. If you subscribe, you continue to receive all Improvised Life posts and full access to our vast archive. If not, you’ll be able to read ten posts per month for free.

We desperately need subscriptions to survive without ads. But we’ve made the cost very tiny, hoping to get a big number of Friends. You can subscribe for $1.99 a month if you pay monthly. Or you can pay $18 per year, which works out to only $1.50 per month. That’s less than the cost of a pack of gum for membership in a worldwide online community full of breathtaking ideas and insightful visions.

This starts right now, right here. Please visit our Friends with Benefits page, and make sure our baby lands safely!

Note to our former Friends with Benefits:  In March, we suspended all the old Paypal subscriptions of our beloved Friends with Benefits subscribers, in anticipation of our new and improved payment system. For all of you who supported us then, we invite you to sign up a fresh account, with your own password and username at our Friends with Benefits page.

We SO appreciate your support.

—The Management


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6 replies on “We Launch! Become a Friend with Benefits

  1. So exciting – I signed up. Just a heads up, the links for annual and monthly don’t correspond with the images. They are flipped around – monthly takes you to annual and vice versa.

  2. Yikes, Thanks so much for letting me know. And thanks so much for signing up.

  3. FIXED HEADS UP: On Chrome and Firefox the pay buttons are reversed. When you click MONTHLY, you get the YEARLY form. When you click YEARLY, you get the MONTHLY form.

    Our trusty programmer is on the West Coast, 3 hours behind. So please bear with us while we fix it. (And just reverse the buttons to sign up on Chrome and Firefox.)

    We SO appreciate your support.

    —The Management

  4. I salute the improvised life and would like to invite you over to uncork some champagne and improvised edibles when you reach your target. This invite is not a joke!

  5. How lovely to hear responses have been flying into your inbox like “butterflies.” I have just planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, fresh chard in my garden. The sorrel has overwintered again, hardy plant that it is….The chives are up and the chocolate peppermint is peeking out of the earth after a horrible winter. There is surely enough raw material there to whip up a lovely snack and then dinner for all the staff at Improvised life….So when might your team of butterflies visit my back deck? Congrats on creating an oasis of intelligent improvisation and creative living, improvised life is a daily refuge.

  6. WOW. Thanks a million for the wonderful invitation. There surely ARE enough raw materials to whip up a dinner. Lucky you! Am I right that you are in Toronto?
    We’ll have to wait for a StarTrek style transporter to beam us there…. (:

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