Lately, readers have been giving subscriptions to Improvised Life as gifts for friends and family. Just go to our subscribe page and select a year’s subscription to give 650 or so illuminating reads per year.

We also recommend checking out Improvised Life’s Shop for a personally┬ácurated selection of compelling books, tools, housewares, and toys that are easy to order, and support Improvised Life. You can also access the Shop by clicking on the drop-down menu above. Some of our favorites include:

Before They Pass Away, British Photographer Jimmy Nelson’s stunner that documents unique, endangered tribes. It made our best seller list last year.

A Remote Controlled Helicopter, has proven a curiously popular gift for adults.


Donut Chef, one of our favorites kid’s books

L’econome┬áParing Knifes are colorful, feel good in the hand and sharpen easily. They are our most popular gift.

l'econome paring-knives-1

Abeego Food Storage Sheets, made of beeswax-saturated cotton, have proven to be a novel and welcome house gift, a surprising alternative to plastic wrap.

And for a completely delish goody: Bequet Sea Salt Caramels. They are as good as any we’ve had in France. We buy them 5 pounds at a time and pack them into our own gift bags.

bequet caramel


With thanks to Maria Robledo for Lil Nancy.

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