When we were designing the kitchen for the laboratory, we wired the ceiling above the island expecting to hang two or three pendant lamps. But when we got to selecting them, we realized we dislike pendant lamps for the way they seem to intrude in the space, and because of the sameness of the look we see in every contemporary kitchen. NOT.

Then we saw Stockholm-based architecture and design trio Claesson Koivisto Rune compelling re-envisioning of the pendant for Wästberg; their series of three conical shapes are HUGE, designed to hang from the ceiling to create the effect of a “room within a room“.

We love the low and wide cherry red one, which seems like some enveloping canopy / planet / sculpture that breaks with the usual notion of the pendant.


We would LOVE to have this sculptural space ship hovering over our kitchen island.

fallen tree stump diy
Sally Schneider

via Design Boom

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