Of late, we’ve felt like this: trying to gain control of a wild horse — also known as our life. We’ve learned the hard way when we hit rough patches — of health, or crises of our own or our friends — our best bet is to STOP, and take time to catch up, heal, rest.

So we’re taking a few days off from Improvised Life…

In truth, we never really take off, since we’re always on the lookout, hatching plots and developing ideas.

We’ll be back in a week or so, refreshed and ready to leap some more…

Maurizio Cattelan
Maurizio Cattelan

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12 replies on “Taking a Break… to Take a Leap

  1. It’s hard, no downright difficult, to keep up with writing and publishing a daily blog. I know. I’ve tried and failed to attend to this schedule for the past eight years with my blog, Oaxaca Cultural Navigator. Why not go for a once-a-week publishing schedule and ease off and take care of yourself. I’ve noticed that you are needing more frequent breaks and that’s a clue that there is too much going on in your life to keep it up. We don’t mind. There’s so much content already and once a week seems to be enough for me — I have a busy life, too, and I’m not always able to read the daily digest but a weekly digest would be just perfect.

  2. Thank you all for your kind words. Yes, there IS too much going on in my life to keep up, including a health issue (not life-threatening!), a valued assistant moving on and the need to make a living. I’m looking for ways to manage it better and have a number of promising ideas.

    A couple of other people have suggested posting once a week so as to obviate the DAILY deadlines. I’m mulling and perhaps will poll readers to see…

    Please know that your “we don’t mind” means the world to me, as does Improvised Life’s unbelievably wonderful community.

  3. I’m not adding much that is original in this comment, but rather I want to add my “Amen” to what has already been said and to selfishly plead: Please don’t get burned out! I use this site in my work with abused kids and youth who need to know that an amazing life waits for people who live outside the box whether by circumstance or choice– or both. Thank you!

  4. I have been trying to post a monotype print to a blog every day but can’t cut it. A friend of mine does very much better, but he resorts to old pictures and posts now and then, too. Your website is part of my daily routine and while I will miss seeing a new post every day, I feel that I have permission to take some time off with all that is going on in my life right now. I am also confident that you will return, and so will I.
    And I look forward to your return.

  5. I’d love to be your assistant, Sally! I have a day job managing digital marketing plans for brands. In the evenings and on weekends, I’m constantly consuming the wonders of the internet especially the corners of it hosting catacombs of written, spoken and filmed art. Concepts and ideas help me keep my glow – along with yoga, brilliant friends, good food, a very sweet Valentine, and my funny cockapoo. By night im a closet poet and co-curator of a spoken word arts collective in my city. I could help with your planning, writing, editing. I’d be honored!

  6. First of all, have a wonderful week ( not thinking too much ) .

    Funny, how for a while now , when i finally get back , you’re off for a break -leaving lots of posts to discover and time to catch up a little : ) .

    How time flies and it is yet another year , hoping the almond tree will be in bloom .

    Get well ,
    sunshine greetz


  7. I’m so glad that there are “lots of posts to discover”…and we are each catching up in our various ways…and that you are there, Sahana, a very long-time reader.

  8. Thank you so much! Sounds like you have mountains of energy. Feel free to send your resume to [email protected]. Though I’m deep in the process and hope close to making a decision.

  9. Jacquie, thank you for your heartening words. It is nice to know that my taking time off, which I am often nervous about doing, helps you “feel that you have permission to take some time off with all that is going on in your life right now”. We all need that, and it’s unfortunately not built in to our always-on thinking. The week off has been incredibly refreshing…and essential.

  10. Tavia, I read your comment earlier this week and it knocked me out! I am so honored to know that you use Improvised Life in your work with abused kids. I do believe that we all need reminders that “an amazing life waits for people who live outside the box whether by circumstance or choice…”……and that we are all here to heal.

    I need to write Improvised Life as much as readers say they need to read it In writing it, I am practicing and learning and discovering its many lessons. Curious.

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