(Video link HERE.) This is one of those astonishingly sweet, quirky videos that is heartening in ways we can’t quite describe. As farmer Derek Klingenberg plays Lorde’s Royals rather badly on his trombone, curious cows come over the hill to hear him. At about 3 minutes they look at once uncertain and compelled to check out this crazy man on a chair tooting away.

It reminded me of what incredibly inquisitive and gentle creatures cows are. Many years ago in Ireland, I fell asleep in a field on a warm sunny afternoon. I awoke when I felt hot snuffling breath on my face and opened my eyes to see a cow’s nose just a few inches from mine, and a circle of eight or so curious cows standing around me. Shy, they scattered as soon as I moved.

Every morning when my friend practiced tai chi on the deck, the cows in the neighboring field would slowly lumber over to see what this odd and very interesting human being was doing, patiently bearing witness…

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

…a lovely Good Morning!!!!


via Kottke

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2 replies on “Annals of Swell: A Farmer Serenades his Inquisitive Cows

  1. “hot snuffling breath” was honestly the simplest, sweetest description I’ve heard in some time. I felt warm and happy just reading it 🙂

  2. It was the most amazing experience. Those cows tread very carefully and were so very gentle, curious about a sleeping being in a field…

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