Sometimes Improvised Life is like this George Booth cartoon. RELAX A LITTLE, yells Improvised Life, in its well-meaning, demanding way.

Then we saw Yoko Ono’s lovely sign and knew that we CAN take time in the right way (even if we do work a little on some projects) to wander, rest, soak in the last real week of summer and

Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono

Lately, we’ve found ourselves so bogged down by juggling many exciting projects for Improvised Life plus a few health issues, that at times we’ve almost slowed to a stop.

We’re going to take TIME OFF, and not be “too busy to take time off”. 

time off

We’ll be back after Labor Day.

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2 replies on “Time Off…via George Booth and Yoko Ono

  1. This is kind of comforting ..also , if this is of any consolation , it seems to be a sign o’ the time , esp. since last year , lots of ideas and running out of energy (forgetting to breathe ? ) and health issues , breaking up and down , embracing rest ; rest that might take more than moment, but really needs time, attention ; it si happening all around .

    All the best to you and kudos for realizing yur needs
    and lots of comfort .
    As always , thank you for all your treasures and inpirations as well .


    ps . by the way , i can only give a little from my little and there are so many causes . it does not fully reflect (in the sum ) my appreciation for your work .

  2. Thanks so much Sahana. It’s always seems like something of a risk to take time off (perhaps the way others feel). But it is essential…I’ve learned that the hard way.).

    Thanks for being there in all the ways you do.

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