We can’t remember we what led us to this wonderful image that makes us instantly… chill. We found it at A Life Alive, 26-year-old Forrest Mankins’ 8-months + road trip “from Oklahoma to the Arctic Circle living in my 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser.” Following his Instagram makes for a kind of vicarious road trip that is mighty refreshing at the end of this rough winter when March seems endless. It got us wondering about small ways to “take a geographic “and refresh.

Forrest Mankins
Forrest Mankins

Certainly images like these help…

road trip A Life Alive Forrest Mankins

The simplest way we know is to get AWAY from devices, which have a certain energy and pull…and into the natural world for a while (NOT shopping)…

…wander a part of your territory you’ve never been before…

…check out the tender shoots coming up everywhere…

…change the routine!..

…do whatever seems utterly lazy and seems like “nothing”, then check IN with yourself…what’s the message coming from within?

Just taking a moment to look at the stars before you go to bed can remind you that…

Forrest Mankins
Forrest Mankins


…the world is amazing.


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