Bored Panda’s slide show of 300 artist’s studios is illuminating on many accounts: it provides an edifying survey of art works in process, as well as a look into work styles and spaces, with a number of interesting home design ideas.

Like Roy Lichtenstein, above, quite a few artists have a sofa or easy chair in their space, no doubt a place to nap, refresh, mull, reflect, space out, hang with friends. They look like oases amidst all the goings-on,reminding us how essential it is to chill in the midst of ANY intense creative work. They are, in effect, studies in “rest spaces”.

We especially love Claude Monet’s sofa amidst waterlilies…

Claude Monet studio

Andy Warhol’s sofa…

Andy warhol studio

Christopher Wool’s punching bag stress reliever…

Christopher Wool studio punching bag

Frank Stella favored a recliner…

Frank Stella studio recliner

George Baselitz, a mid-century upholstered chair…

George Baselitz studio

Grayson Perry, a red leather sofa…

grayson perry studio

Joan Brown has an easy chair with sheepskin…

Joan Brown Studio chair

Karl Gietl defines a rest space with sofa and rug…

Karl Gietl France 2015 studio

Keith Haring…

keith haring studio

We also love Roald Dahl’s writing chair…

Willem de Kooning studio work chair

Our rest space is an old French LaFuma beach chair that reclines: a lightweight version of a zero gravity chair. A friend said it looked like something from a hospital but we love it: we read and nap when we our brain is overloaded from writing, or other projects, which we leave half-done until we are refreshed enough to continue.

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

What’s your rest space in the midst of work?


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5 replies on “Artist’s Studios with Sofas + Rest Spaces

  1. This made me realize that I don’t have a go-to “rest” place! Due to some sleep issues I try to stay out of the bed unless it’s time to sleep, our sofa is my partner’s chill spot (and too small for both of us to stretch out together on), and the only other chair in our place is in the living room where there’s no rarely privacy/quiet. I find myself frequently floating around the apartment a bit lost…I’m guessing this is why.

    Time to get crackin’ on a quiet recharge zone for myself 🙂 Thanks for this!

  2. For my money, a “rest” place is essential. The one year I worked in an office, I tried hard to find them in quiet spaces in the neighborhood. It’s amazing when you start looking what you can find. While I was helping my friend with his very stressful, scary hospital crisis, I even found one there, a bench surrounded by trees. Noise cancelling headphones made for much needed quiet. Those have been lifesavers for many very sensitive people I know, including in spaces they share with someone else.

  3. That’s not Willem de Kooning, but is actually Roald Dahl.

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