Roz Chast’s  perfect “Wonderland” in the New Yorker illustrates the rabbit hole the internet can be, enticing us to follow the trail of astonishing treasures we never knew existed. In true Chastian fashion, she nails each of her many discoveries and their addictive nature, shouting “I COULD NOT STOP LOOKING….”, affirming what we’ve all experienced (and judged ourselves for) as we leave laundry undone and emails unanswered to pursue strange treasures…

Chast almost seems to be channeling Japanese de-cluttering philosopher Marie Kondo when she refrains from collecting the ACTUAL objects of her delight…

“I didn’t want the actual objects. Not because of the cost — I just didn’t want the hassle of ownership.”

Roz Chast for The New Yorker
Roz Chast for The New Yorker

Chast’s passionate virtual consumption gave her an essential kind of ownership: the EXPERIENCE of them: joyous delight. 

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